Access to monthly mantras, with explanations, interpretations, tasks, music, videos, stories, and class flows.

Here's what you have in store for you!

A delicious addendum to our practice together, or a stand alone ​online tool for home practice. A monthly subscription that gives you access to:

  • Mantras A new mantra every month with details on how to use it, and personalize it.
  • "History" Written information on the mantra's basis, uses, effects, and lineage.
  • "Peak Pose" A yoga pose chosen to embody the mantra itself with detailed alignment instruction.
  • "Links" to my online articles that are relevant.
  • "Recordings" of mantra recitals.
  • "Class" An audio file of a yoga class recording that embodies and uses that mantra or tells a story as we practice.
  • "The Tough Stuff" Tasks or exercises usually used in teacher trainings, that help explore the mantra more.


Amber Scriven

Hi, I’m Amber

Let's dig into this practice a little more by playing with the art of mantra usage and making.

Every month I'll open access to a new mantra with various ways of understanding it and using it in your daily life or yoga practice.

Join me!


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Basic Monthly Mantras

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